Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we decided that Brek needed to come down here for a weekend so we could get some left over stuff for the wedding done, and find a place to live. I had to work all weekend so the amazing guy went and looked all by himself! We thought that we found the perfect place in Sugar but we wanted to look a little bit more. Then one of my moms friends told us about this basement apartment and we went and looked at it. We both started laughing so hard at how teeny tiny it was, and found a spider in the sink! We sat down on the floor to take it all in and both decided that this is the place we would live for a few months... Now Brek either calls it the "dungeon" or the "cellar" but I love it and even though I am not quite sure how the bathroom will work out, it will be an adventure we will remember forever, and we finally have a place to call home in 13 days!!!


Carter Clan said...

cute apartment Abbs. You should show people the pictures of your swamp now that it is decorated and has some furniture in it. I love you tons

Brady and Sarah Hiatt said...

Abbie!!! Your blog is looking soo cute!! Way to keep up on it! I'm soo proud of you! I miss you sooo much! You need to call me or text me or something!! Love ya!!

Cami said...

I just found your blog!! Super cute. Miss and love you!