Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Painting Nails

 At about 4:00 we start to get antsy. So today we ventured to the garage to paint some nails! Miss Emmie T even joined in, and had the cutest pink baby toes! Of course Miss Lu wanted the same color so my girlies have matching toes! To top of the afternoon daddy came home early!Nothing makes our day better than than!

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You love anyone to chase you! If we have been playing with your dr stuff you say "Get me doctor momma!' Or witches you say "Get me wicked witch momma!" and every other thing we talk about.

2- You love for us to sing "Spoonful of Sugar" while you march back and forth in the living room, and when the song ends you say "Sing it again boys and girls!"

3- You hate food lately and it has been real tough to get you to eat dinner! Your favorite excuse is its to scary!

4- You love yogurt. Flips from chobani to be exact! You eat the whole thing every morning.

5- When you don't want to do something but know you have to, you say "I can do this Lucie!" It makes me laugh every time!


1- You love your food, but you refuse to swallow on your own so you have a bite, then you have to have the binky.

2- You can jump in your jumper forever, and are so happy!

3- Tonight you figured out you can sit up in the tub, and now get mad if we try to lay you back down.

4- You light up the second you see your dad walk in!

5- You are the best wake up call in the morning because you greet me with your biggest scrunched nose smile, and kick your legs like crazy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You are getting braver quicker. You loved your Aunt Courtney, Uncle Hayden, Aunt Lila and Uncle Ben the second they walked through the door.

2- You learned no today when I wouldn't buy you the Ariel barbie at the store. We came home and Mimi helped you make a job jar to earn money to buy it yourself!

3- You had a blast at Bomps school today and acted like you owned the place, and especially loved when he played music for you to sing too especially "Tiger Song" aka "Roar"!

4- When you get told no you always respond with "Of Course" and it makes me laugh every time!

5- You have a bad sweet tooth... and you get it from your momma!


1- You are loving how you feel after the chiropractor and always take a good nap afterwords!

2- Formula I think is working its magic and you seem a much happier baby!

3- You finally decided rice cereal is pretty good with a spoon, but I have to put the binky in after every bite so you swallow it.

4- You love to lay on the tramp with Bomps or Grandma and just bounce and bounce, and look around everywhere outside.

5- You had your first laugh on Sunday 8.23.15 from Aunt Courtney's brother Josh. It was adorable and you were cracking up at him!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

August 18


1- You love a certain corner of your blankie and you can't go to sleep unless you find it and put it between your pinky and ring finger, and go back and forth.

2- You are a shy little thing, but once you get used to something you have a blast!

3- You ROCKED the road trip up here! You didn't complain one time!

4- You play non stop with your aunts and get pretty bossy!

5- You copy everything anyone says, and today I accidentally said "What the Heck" and you have said "Holy Heck" all day!


1- You love to fold your little hands, and cross your little feet. You are quite the little lady!

2- You love to hold my hand or my hair while you eat, and it is the sweetest!

3- You are quite the social little thing, and love to give anyone that talks to you your biggest grin!

4- You LOVE being outside, and at the Celebrate Youth today you were an angel in your carrier!

5- You can roll over, but are just like your sister and refuse to do it unless we move your arms.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1. You went to your first movie last weekend The Minions and you begged to go home the second we walked in to the theater, but after a half hour you warmed right up to it and LOVED the popcorn and HUGE lemonade! And towards the end you even sat in your own seat!

2. You have quite the little attitude and when I told you I needed to fix your hair you said "no mom, it's just fine!"

3. You have become a good eater this week, and have eaten your dinner almost every time!

4. You LOVE lipstick and love to put it on yourself!

5. You love to pick out your jimmies, and I crack up every time with the choices you come out in!


1. You switched to formula today. I have been having a hard time with it all day trying to decide if it is the right thing, but you have done better and I really think this is the answer to help you be happier!

2. You discovered you can blow bubbles and you love to do it all day long!

3. You get so determined in the tub and kick so hard like you are trying to get somewhere!

4. You love your pinky but you pull in out on purpose so we have to keep putting it back in. 

5. You refuse to roll over. You won't move your arms to help you, just like your sister.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You are obsessed with everything Ariel. If you are wearing any of your other panties the first think you have to do in the morning is put Ariel panties on!

2- You love FaceTime and want to call everybody every morning usually at 5:30 but I can usually hold you off until 8 ish.

3- You like to wake up at the crack of dawn and at 5:30 you demand chocolate milk!

4- You continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE lemonade and I'm pretty sure you could live off it.

5- You love to get as close to Emmie as you can and touch every part of her and say "yittle tummy, yittle fingers, little toes, etc..." in the tiniest voice. It is adorable!


1- You ROCKED it at church! You were so happy, and didn't cry to or from church. It was AMAZING!

2- You love to smile. It is my favorite!

3- You really do love tv. Especially home videos. You will actually lay on the floor and watch it for a few minutes and are very calm when they are on.

4- You love to bounce! Anywhere really but the couch facing out with me holding the binky in your mouth is your favorite.

5- You go CRAZY in the tub! You get so excited and kick kick kick! You talk and smile, and it defiantly is your favorite place to be!

I love watching them together.