Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You are obsessed with everything Ariel. If you are wearing any of your other panties the first think you have to do in the morning is put Ariel panties on!

2- You love FaceTime and want to call everybody every morning usually at 5:30 but I can usually hold you off until 8 ish.

3- You like to wake up at the crack of dawn and at 5:30 you demand chocolate milk!

4- You continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE lemonade and I'm pretty sure you could live off it.

5- You love to get as close to Emmie as you can and touch every part of her and say "yittle tummy, yittle fingers, little toes, etc..." in the tiniest voice. It is adorable!


1- You ROCKED it at church! You were so happy, and didn't cry to or from church. It was AMAZING!

2- You love to smile. It is my favorite!

3- You really do love tv. Especially home videos. You will actually lay on the floor and watch it for a few minutes and are very calm when they are on.

4- You love to bounce! Anywhere really but the couch facing out with me holding the binky in your mouth is your favorite.

5- You go CRAZY in the tub! You get so excited and kick kick kick! You talk and smile, and it defiantly is your favorite place to be!

I love watching them together.

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