Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1. You went to your first movie last weekend The Minions and you begged to go home the second we walked in to the theater, but after a half hour you warmed right up to it and LOVED the popcorn and HUGE lemonade! And towards the end you even sat in your own seat!

2. You have quite the little attitude and when I told you I needed to fix your hair you said "no mom, it's just fine!"

3. You have become a good eater this week, and have eaten your dinner almost every time!

4. You LOVE lipstick and love to put it on yourself!

5. You love to pick out your jimmies, and I crack up every time with the choices you come out in!


1. You switched to formula today. I have been having a hard time with it all day trying to decide if it is the right thing, but you have done better and I really think this is the answer to help you be happier!

2. You discovered you can blow bubbles and you love to do it all day long!

3. You get so determined in the tub and kick so hard like you are trying to get somewhere!

4. You love your pinky but you pull in out on purpose so we have to keep putting it back in. 

5. You refuse to roll over. You won't move your arms to help you, just like your sister.

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