Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

August 18


1- You love a certain corner of your blankie and you can't go to sleep unless you find it and put it between your pinky and ring finger, and go back and forth.

2- You are a shy little thing, but once you get used to something you have a blast!

3- You ROCKED the road trip up here! You didn't complain one time!

4- You play non stop with your aunts and get pretty bossy!

5- You copy everything anyone says, and today I accidentally said "What the Heck" and you have said "Holy Heck" all day!


1- You love to fold your little hands, and cross your little feet. You are quite the little lady!

2- You love to hold my hand or my hair while you eat, and it is the sweetest!

3- You are quite the social little thing, and love to give anyone that talks to you your biggest grin!

4- You LOVE being outside, and at the Celebrate Youth today you were an angel in your carrier!

5- You can roll over, but are just like your sister and refuse to do it unless we move your arms.

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