Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You are getting braver quicker. You loved your Aunt Courtney, Uncle Hayden, Aunt Lila and Uncle Ben the second they walked through the door.

2- You learned no today when I wouldn't buy you the Ariel barbie at the store. We came home and Mimi helped you make a job jar to earn money to buy it yourself!

3- You had a blast at Bomps school today and acted like you owned the place, and especially loved when he played music for you to sing too especially "Tiger Song" aka "Roar"!

4- When you get told no you always respond with "Of Course" and it makes me laugh every time!

5- You have a bad sweet tooth... and you get it from your momma!


1- You are loving how you feel after the chiropractor and always take a good nap afterwords!

2- Formula I think is working its magic and you seem a much happier baby!

3- You finally decided rice cereal is pretty good with a spoon, but I have to put the binky in after every bite so you swallow it.

4- You love to lay on the tramp with Bomps or Grandma and just bounce and bounce, and look around everywhere outside.

5- You had your first laugh on Sunday 8.23.15 from Aunt Courtney's brother Josh. It was adorable and you were cracking up at him!

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