Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits



1- You love anyone to chase you! If we have been playing with your dr stuff you say "Get me doctor momma!' Or witches you say "Get me wicked witch momma!" and every other thing we talk about.

2- You love for us to sing "Spoonful of Sugar" while you march back and forth in the living room, and when the song ends you say "Sing it again boys and girls!"

3- You hate food lately and it has been real tough to get you to eat dinner! Your favorite excuse is its to scary!

4- You love yogurt. Flips from chobani to be exact! You eat the whole thing every morning.

5- When you don't want to do something but know you have to, you say "I can do this Lucie!" It makes me laugh every time!


1- You love your food, but you refuse to swallow on your own so you have a bite, then you have to have the binky.

2- You can jump in your jumper forever, and are so happy!

3- Tonight you figured out you can sit up in the tub, and now get mad if we try to lay you back down.

4- You light up the second you see your dad walk in!

5- You are the best wake up call in the morning because you greet me with your biggest scrunched nose smile, and kick your legs like crazy!

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