Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

July 28


1. Your imagination has been so cute this week! You wear your Princess Sofia amulet and tell me which princess is coming out, then you talk to the princess for a while.
2.You want everyone to go get Emmie when she wakes up and you make us all say "Hi weetheart!"
3. You are obsessed with the big fire at Costco and do not want anyone to go ever again! (We had to evacuate last time for something wrong with the lights).
4. You think that 5:30 is an appropriate time to come in our room, but you don't always wake us up. You prefer to crawl under the computer chair and lay there for a half hour.
5. You have gotten very into dancing lately, and you can shake it Your favorite songs are Shake it Off that you call "beat" and you love love love all princess songs, and can sing most of them!

She loves to facetime, and was showing how she stands like a flamingo. She knows how to call people on her own now, which is a little scary! and she insists on wearing her boots in the back so she can climb the fence.


1. You love to babble! When you are in a good mood you go on and on!
2. You still LOVE to be outside except when it's windy. It takes your breath away and you hate that!
3. You like to sit in the bumbo as long as someone is right there, if we leave the room you let us know you are mad.
4. You are the happiest in the morning and give smiles when you wake up for a good 10 minutes!
5. You are a total mommas girl! If your dad wants to hold you when he comes home for work you let that happen for about 3 seconds and will not calm down until I take you back.

She is still getting over a cold.

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