Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits


1- You randomly will yell out "BOOM BABY" and it cracks me up every single time!

2- You ask to hold Emmie now at least once a day, and it lasts about 3 seconds but its adorable.

3- If you are upstairs and I'm downstairs you yell "Mommy comin for ya!"

4- You think if a room is dark there is a bad guy and you refuse to go in by yourself.

5- You continue to surprise us every time you use the potty with how you decide to sit on it different each time!


1- You are obsessed with sucking on your fist! Not any single finger your whole fist and you go to town!

2- You gave your first little giggle to your daddy on Saturday and it melted all of us!

3- You hate your carseat with a passion and let me know every time we need to go somewhere.

4- You are starting to be more aware of Lucie and I catch you watching her the most out of everyone.

5- When you are upset you love to  bounce on the couch with me you turn into a happy little thing pretty quick

-And a few more pictures of our morning-


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