Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits from the Tub


1. You copy every single thing you hear
2. You want to help cook everything and try to touch everything that is hot.
3. You can sing I Love to See the Temple, and I am a Child of God perfect and it melts my heart from a mile away.
4. You can hear me sneaking a treat from a mile away and come running saying "Ducie Too!"
5. You make sure dad gives all 3 of kisses at least twice every time he leaves.


1. You can be screaming bloody murder but if you make eye contact you will give a big smile.
2. You hate to be put down, and if you are on your tummy you get so mad you can push yourself along the floor a tiny bit.
3. Your smile is the sweetest thing in the world ESPECIALLY when you crinkle your nose!
4. You absolutely LOVE to be outside. Sometimes it is the only thing that will calm you down.
5. You Love to face out. If you face towards me you constantly try to eat everything in sight.

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