Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Date Nights!

This last weekend was so much fun! I came home from work on Friday and Brek said lets go! I didn't know what was going on but I get in the truck and away we go! He had the truck packed with Pizza, breadsticks, juice, and brownies. He also had the ipod speakers, blankets and pillows! Then we drove up to this ledge that looked over the whole city and had dinner in the back of truck! It was just so Romantic! Haha then on Saturday we went mini golfing and it was 1000 degrees outside but it was so much fun to get out and do something different together! After golfing we went and got seven 11 slurpees and Chicos tacos for lunch! Which by the way Chicos is my new favorite place I am going to miss it when we leave! Then on the way home these cute little neighbor kids were selling cherries and Brek was so cute to them! He went over and told them that he was craving cherries all day and that he was going to give them a tip for selling them so that he could have some! The little kid was like "SERIOUSLY! YOU WERE CRAVING THEM!" he was so excited I think we were the first people to buy them. It was such a fun weekend!

The Romantic date!

Golfing! I totally lost!


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

ABBIE i'm soo excited..BECAUSE... we will be able to have fun romantic DOUBLE DATES cuz we'll be next door neighbors! The lady said we "qualified" to live there haha and that she would fax some stuff today for us to fill out! It's really happening we're gonna be next door neighbors in a few short months!! i'm so excited.. oh and your weekend looks like it was so much fun you two are soo cute i'm excited for our husbands to become great friends! haha

Danny & Branae Porter said...

Looks like that was such a fun date! What a great idea!! Looks like you're doing great and that you had a fun 4th of july! love the shirts..You rare always so cute and festive with things like that! love it!

Pat & Ash said...

haha, he listened to you!!! SO cute, he was romantic abs. Sounds like you had a fun fourth!! Haha If you can't tell I'm laughing a lot. That's fun you'll be living next to Roz! Pat and I went on our first date in months!!! Harry Potter!! My mom babysat. It's time for both of us to go to Idaho and see each other.

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Abs You sure married a sweet wonderful man!! You get way to spoiled!!! But I am so happy for you
We loved having you guys here and can't wait until we see you in August!!!

Love you