Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grants Graduation and Havens Blessing

Awhile ago Breks cousin graduated from High School, and his Cousin Brenna's little girl Haven got blessed. We drove over that Saturday for the big day! It started out with the girls getting pedicures that were amazing!! They dipped our feet in wax and it felt so good! Then we headed over to Bruce and Lori's house. When we got there Brek kind of missed the memo that he was supposed to bring dress pants AND a white shirt to stand in the circle, but instead he only brought the white shirt.. haha he looked like a cute cowboy! Ha it was really cute though with the shirt tucked into his jeans! after the blessing we went to the graduation! We all headed back to the house for games and lunch. It was a great day and fun to see everyone! 

The wonderful pedicures!

The beautiful Haven and the men!

The graduate and just hangin out!

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