Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crazy Carter Reunion

For Labor day weekend we had the Carter family reunion! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I have been telling Brek about it since we got married and he finally got to experience the fun! Well on Saturday we started the day with the girls doing crafts and the half the men golfing and the other half helping remodel my grandpa and grandma's house. Then later everyone was watching the BYU game! It was so much fun watching it on my cousins projector and just relaxing and making crafts! Now when my family watches a BYU game people probably think that we are crazy! My cousin Molly was doing the worm because they won and we were all screaming and cheering!

These aren't the best pictures but it is what we were doing!
Then we all just hung out and helped clean up and Brek even held Ellie Jo!

They were so cute!
Then that night a couple of the cousins stayed up a little late playing a game called Quelf.... I have to say it is probably my favorite game of all time! haha I think we were all a little over tired but we were laughing so hard! When it was over we all went home to sleep just to be up and back together the next day!
Sunday my family came to see our new apartment and then we were headed to my Aunt Lisa's for gioses (no clue how to spell it) but they are a tradition and are so yummy! We all worked together making billions of them and then after dinner it was time for what the reunion was all about the CARTER FAMILY GAMES!!!!!!!!
Livie, Mil, and our cousin Lacie have been coming up with these games for about 4 years and they do a great job! This year we all had to wear our Grandma and Grandpa greatest blessing shirts and were divided up in teams!
To find out what team we were on this year we had to go find our picture somewhere in the backyard, and it was tough! But then when we had our teams we got our bandanas and the games began!
First- we had to do our team cheer!

They were so funny! We had my Grandpa dancin in his scooter and my grandma was the star of her team! I wish I had them recorded but the pictures will have to do.
Then we played a bunch of games, the new one this year was the cracker game. This was tying a saltine cracker on your pants like a tail and then everyone had a rolled up newspaper and we had to whack the cracker off. My team was the best! We had a strategy and it got down to my whole team against Brek and Hayden! haha we were all so tired and sore after the game!

Another game was sponge dodge ball, this game always gets a little violent and Brek threw a sponge at Gabi and it hit her right in the face.... haha it happens every year poor Gab. But it is a really fun game!

Other games included Simon Says "Simon" being my dad, human Rock Paper Scissors, Ships and Sailors its always gets way competitive, the obstacle course, chubby bunny, and the dance competition!

The one and only SIMON

Human rock paper scissors!

Ships and Sailors

Chubby Bunny!
This year was especially special because my team won!!!! I have never won actually...... I have gotten last place every year! So here are the teams

The Green team had some bladder problems

My grandpa was on this team but he went to bed

The Blue had the best cheer!

The Winners!!!!

The little Pinks

The next day we had breakfast together and all the girls in my fam got their hair done! It was a FABULOUS weekend and I think that I have the best family in the whole wide world!! We had a great time and I can't wait until next year!


Matt and Jami said...

I missed this SO bad!! Thanks for posting pictures! Hopefully Matt and I will be there!! Love you!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

holy smokes! you guys have WAY to much fun... I want to be invited next year haha

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

You did such a great job!! We are so lucky to have Carter
Family Games and we are even more lucky to have you be the photographer!!! The pictures are PERFECT!!
Love you sis
Rexburg Mom