Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have been meaning to blog for a while now but just have been busy/lazy to do it...

This month has flown by but here is what we have been up to!

To start off the month September 4th was our Anniversary! Our golden Anniversary actually because it was 4 years on the 4th! We wanted to do something special because we have never really been able to do something big so a few months ago we saw that Wicked was playing in Vegas! We booked some tickets the night they went on sale and we were so excited!!!

Brek ended up having to work for a little bit on the day but he got off early and we were on the road! Because he had to work we got there just in time for dinner and then had to rush to the show, but we made sure we ate at Serendipity! We LOVE that place and F I N A L L Y got to eat one of the famous desserts! Deep fried oreo sundae and it was DELICIOUS! 


After dinner we tried to take a few pics but failed haha then we walked through Ceasars Palace back to the car. 


We found the building the show was at and were pretty early! I was not the brightest crayon in the box and wore heels just for the show and just walking from the car into the building I think I about died! Haha so we waited in some chairs until we could go to our seats. We laughed real hard when we were at the tip top of the whole auditorium literally the highest you could go we were there! But it was exciting anyways! Wicked did not disappoint and we loved every second of it!!



{I wanted a picture of us in front of the sign and this sweet little old worked offered to take it for us. He tried three times and this was the best one... I didn't have the heart to make him do it again}



{The view from the balcony after. Brek loved watching the valet workers go get all the cars}

The next day we both had off and we just relaxed the whole day! It was HEAVEN! We did go shopping a little and bought our little miss some adorable yellow skinny jeans!


It was a perfect couple of days! And I can't believe we have been married for 4 years already! I sure love you Mr!

Next up September 10th is always a little bit of a sad day. I missed miss Analee a lot that day and luckily it was a monday so I had school off so I was able to just have a peaceful day. I was able to talk to Barbara and that is always a great thing. She is so strong an Amazing example to me! I love the Walker Family and cannot believe it has been 7  years since that day.. Miss you every day Ann!


Next up actually happened before our Anniversary... My boy got his most favorite toy in the whole wide world! He has been begging for this since we got married and I guess it has been his dream car for FOREVER! So when him and his friend from work found this deal he could not pass it up. He drove up to Salt Lake that night and the next thing I knew he was coming home with his Jeep! He is like a little boy at Christmas every time he drives it and it is really cute! It even has little steps for me to get in other wise I would not be getting in that thing. So goodbye civic hello Jeep!


One weekend we were trying to decide what to do, but we were really tired and didn't want to do anything to big but we got on Netflix and saw Vampire Diaries season 3 was on there and I was soooo excited!! We made a fun dinner and had a marathon!



We have an addiction to this place called Swig. We have been there sometimes twice a day because it is so delicious so one night for Family Night we hopped in his favorite jeep and got us some pop. I always get the same thing but Brek changes it up every time.

Now for BABY news...


As you can see I am getting huge! and looking at some of these pictures I am deciding that I should not wear some of these dresses... I really start a new week every friday but I decided to start doing weekly pics on Sundays because I am the most ready on those days.


I just did the glucose test and it was disgusting! I gagged like 3 times while I was drinking it... I am the worst at making myself drink things everyone can agree to it I think my parents dreaded it the most when I got sick because getting me to take cough syrup is worse then pulling teeth it takes me a good hour to force that stuff to actually go to my mouth! So when they told me I had 5 minutes to drink that huge bottle I was a little scared. But I sucked it up, gagged a few times but we managed to keep it down. I still don't know if I passed because I have to wait until wednesday to get the results but I am praying I did because I don't know if I can do a 3 hour test.


The best husband award goes to this guy. I was trying really hard to paint my toenails and it was really hard so he did it for me! I am so dang lucky! He clipped and filed, and everything! He is the best!

Little Miss is still growing and is measuring right on at the Dr.!

She kicks a lot now and we can see it in my stomach. We will just watch it when she is in a kicking mood and my stomach goes crazy! It is our favorite part.

Brek will pat my belly and talk to her and I really think it is the cutest thing ever. He is so excited for her!

We have joined the "two week club" as the Dr calls it and are into the 3rd trimester! Getting closer!!

I am doing pretty good sometimes the nausea comes back, and that is not fun at all but for the most part we are doing good!

Sleeping though is another thing... I don't sleep very good anymore and it is taking a toll... But as long as she is ok and growing I can put up with it! 

We are just two very blessed people and can't wait to become a family of 3 in just a few months!!

September was good to us!


The Eaton's said...

HOW CUTE IS YOUR BELLY!!! I love the pics!! Move here NOW! Thanks! Love you!! and crazy it's been 4 years!!!!!!!! WOW!

Kristine said...

Congrats Abbie! I'm excited for you guys! Being a mother is the best thing in the world. But also the hardest, most exhausting thing. It's so fun to bring a little one in this world tho. As for not sleeping so well right now, all I can say is get use to it. lol! I haven't slept well for 5 years. But like you said, it's all worth it. :)