Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just a good Tuesday!

It was another great day at our little house.

 photo Jumper.jpg

We had a blast in the jumper.

 photo daddy.jpg

We told daddy bye when he left for his long meeting for school.

 photo 2littlefeet.jpg

We practiced rolling over, and liked to grab the blanket and take it with us.

 photo lesson.jpg

I got my lesson ready for sunday.

 photo photoshooot.jpg

 photo smiles.jpg

 photo MomandLucie.jpg

We tried for round 2 on a 5 month photo shoot and this time was WAY better!

 photo helper.jpg

 photo cutelittlehelper.jpg

We made cookies!
I have sooo many memories of making cookies with my mom, and I hope that I can create lots of memories with Lucie making them too!

 photo sleepy.jpg

And finally we were so tired we fell asleep right on moms shoulder! She NEVER does this anymore!

It was a Perfect day!

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Guy and Nikki said...

Super cute! Love the pictures :)