Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Happy little Life.....

We went to Salt Lake for our Honeymoon, and it was a blast! We went to Hogle Zoo and Temple Square, and my personal favorite EAST HIGH from High School Musical!! We had to drive around all over Salt lake to find it! it turns out that we had drove right past it, but all that matters is we found it! It was really fun! We ate at the restaurant that Charley and Sam in the movie Charley ate at in temple square, and watched this really weird guy doing some kind of chant on the bridal bench. We also went to seven eleven and had banana Slurpee's, and went to trolley square, and gateway.

Then the night we got back I needed to shower so I went to take one in out little apartment.... we didn't have a shower Curtain so I hung a sheet over the rod, then I turned the water on but the shower head was pointing toward the wall so I reached up to move it and the shower head shot off! Then it was like a power rush of water, it was not good so I started to just hurry and wash my hair and because of the water rushing out the water turned ice cold in seconds. That was the first adventure of the "swamp". Now my sweet husband bought us a new shower head and fixed it so we can actually have normal showers now!
On the sunday of General Conferance the power went out at my families house so we all hopped into the car and drove up to Mesa Falls. It was beautiful, all of the leaves were changing colors, it was perfect weather, and we all just had a great time. My sisters thought it was hilarious because Brek wanted to repel down the waterfall and see if there were any caves under it. We all just laughed and had a great sunday.

To finally end this mile long post we went to the jump rope show with my family and Issy, Gabi, and Hannah Brewer wanted Brek to jump with him when it was over so being the great guy that he is he jumped along with them. And the quote from issy the next day was "Brek is really good at jump rope, I bet he is so good because his muscles are so big!" So there you go thats whats been going on the last two months!!

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