Sunday, February 1, 2009

9 things that bug me....

Roz tagged me in this and I am just sitting here with Brek watching the super bowl and i decided that I better do it! So here it goes.
1- When I don't make my bed, My room can be totally messy but if my bed is not made then I get really annoyed! Sometimes the bed doesn't get made but as soon as I can I go make it!
2- When people think that they are better then people. The worst is when your in a store or out to eat and they are rude to the clerk or the waitress. I don't really get why people have to do that because the waitress ends up not being nice to you either and it just would be better if they would have been nice to begin with.
3- When people always have to one up you.... like if you tell a story and they always have something better to top it. And it really bugs me when you know that it isn't true! haha
4- When I can't find anything to where, you know those days when you put on everything you have and nothing makes you feel cute that really bugs me because it ruins your morning!
5- It bugs me when my hip starts to hurt when I am shopping! It ruins the whole point of shopping when I have to sit down, and its the worst when I would rather sit in the car while everyone runs into the next store!
6- When I am freezing cold so I go get a blanket and a jacket and then in 10 seconds its to hot! haha
7- When people don't answer their phones and then never call you back I always worry that they just don't want to talk to me or that I did something to make them mad!
8- When parents are mean to their kids! I think it is so sad when i hear stories about child abuse and the kids don't know what to do so they just take it, it makes me so mad that someone could hurt a little kid!
9- and the last thing that bugs me is when people write on the chalk board! The sound gives me the chills just thinking about it! And when I have to do it it drives me crazy!! I think that they should all be thrown away and replaced with marker boards, it would make the world a much better place!

Now I get to tag people! I want to tag my family (whoever does the blog!!!!)
Jami and
Ashaly Joe!
Have FUN!

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9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Abs what does it mean to be tagged? I would do whatever I am supposed to do just tell me. Millie has been working on the blog it is her 10 hour project she might be calling for a little help.