Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Sick little husband!!

 Well my cute little husband came home from work last week with a sore throat... well it just got worse and he ended up having to stay home for six days! But I have to tell the story about what happened at church... We were sitting listening to the talks and all of the sudden Brek keeps hacking up this disgusting mucas and he leans over and said that he is going to run home to get some medicine, but his mom saves the day because she had some Nyquil pills in her purse! So I am expecting him to go out to the drinking fountain but NOPE he decides that he is just going to come up with enough spit to swallow it basically dry! Well these pills were HUGE!! So I am watching him trying to get this giant pill down and he makes this face like he is in pain! The face was so funny that I completely lost it and was laughing so hard! He get up and practically runs out to get a drink! So I went to go see if he is ok (still laughing) and I see him walking super fast down the hall to the other drinking fountain, and when I finally caught up to him he said that the pill was right over his gag reflex and when he opened the door a lady with the baby was standing right there so when he was gagging she was just staring at him scared to death that he was going to throw up on her baby! So he went to the drinking fountain on the other side of the building. I was laughing so hard the whole time that when we finally went back in it looked like I had been crying.Well that was a very exciting Sunday and I am happy to tell you all that he is feeling much better now and he knows now that he cannot swallow huge pills with only spit.


Carter Clan said...

Abs we all voted at this house that you should take a little sippy cup to church for brek and then he will be able to take his medicine!!! ha ha
We are all so glad he is feeling better. We hope you didn't get the hiccups when you were laughing.
Love you and miss you
Mom Carter

Jami said...

That is too funny! I like the sippy cup idea! Glad he is doing better, and I'm glad to see you keep posting. We like to keep up with your life up there in Washington! I love you!


9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Maybe I was a little harsh!! Just take Brek his own little water bottle ha ha or a little cup with a straw that folds over. I know that I am really funny
I love you to pieces and miss you tons
(i figured out how to change our name and put a picture!!!)

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

I miss you so much love! I wish you were here to get ice cream with me sometimes.... please come home!!