Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our first big move!

Well this is a little late, but after we got back from California we headed up to Washington! I was really scared I have never been away from my family before, but I have Brek and his family and it is an adventure!! So we started packing up the swamp and you would think that we would have been married for years because of all the stuff we had! When that was finally packed up we headed over to my parents house and lived there for about a week. We had a lot of fun just hanging out with them, and they introduced Brek to the Wii.... He loved it so much that when we got up to Washington we used the rest of our gift cards from our wedding and bought one! Anyways back to the move, so the garage was full of all of our stuff. Then Breks dad came up and we loaded up the trailor he brought the back of his truck, the cab of his truck and my little car. and Yes they were all so full you could no fit one more thing! Then that day when we were supposed to leave it took longer to load then we thought and the roads were bad.... so we stayed in Rexburg one more night. Then after lots of tears the next morning between me my mom and my little sisters we were off to Twin Falls to stay at his grandparents house for a night. We had a fun night with them just playing games. Then we got up the next morning and headed to Washington. We got there that night and began to unload. It took me and Brek like three days to get our room all organized. But now we are all set. It is great living with his family, getting to know them better and hanging out with them. It is a new place but I am actually doing pretty good and getting around... now I just need a job and we are all set! So that is our life for right now.... taking it one step at a time!!!

All that Brek pretty much drank in the swamp was crystal light and this is what it did to my pink wooden spoon!

This is when we were supposed to be packing, but we found our cool fancy glasses and make milkshakes with lots of whipped cream! And watched a movie for the last night in our first house!

The Rexburg Move.... It was FREEZING!

Washington move!! (No Snow!)

Do you think that we have enough clothes? haha Brek dumped them all into one big pile and climbed on top of the mountain...
And Finally the clean room!

We are having a great time here! Brek is doing great with his job and it is fun to get to know his family!


9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

This looks great! What a mess your room was ugh!!! I think you and Brek need to get a few more clothes I bet you have to wash everyday just so you don't run out! ha ha
Glad you are loving Washington, I have a feeling it will be your home for a very long time. Hopefully you can get your own place soon! Love you tons Mom

Jami said...

I was wondering when you would post about your move. I hate moving, hopefully you guys can get your own place soon and be done with moving for awhile (I agree with your mom, I think Washington will be your home for a long time). You have such a positive attitude. Thanks for keeping all of us posted! Love Ya!