Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life and half a year!!!

Life is great and yesterday was six months that we have been married! A whole half a year!!! Not much has happened lately but we haven't updated for a while, so just to fill you in I am a mia maid advisor and Brek is a Sunday school teacher for the 12 year olds. I go with him to his class and I think he is such a good teacher! All the kid's parents tell us that he is their favorite teacher. They don't talk at all but when they need to answer the question they all know it... they are all super smart! mostly every sunday there is three girls and one boy and the girls sit clumped together and the boy sits on the other end of the room! haha I think it is so funny because thats how it is when I go to mutual too, the boys on one side and the girls in the other.
Brek had to speak in church the second week of February and I spoke the last week. We were both really nervous because our topics were kinda hard, but its over now and we don't have to stress about speaking in church for awhile.
  I don't know what it is with this ward during Sacrament meeting but Brek and I were just sitting there taking the sacrament and when I went to take a piece of bread I was chewing it and a giant stick was cooked in it! I couldn't even see it, so I spit it out, and Brek thought it was so funny that he stuck it in his pocket to show everyone! So church is always exciting and we both love our callings.
Brek is doing good at his job, and I am still looking for a job. So there is not much going on  with us right now. He works and I hang out with quiggs and cook a lot of treats! haha we did go to the movie Taken, and I think that it was the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life! I had nightmares about it that night and I still think about it! Brek thought it was really good and liked it a lot... me on the other hand freaked out and would not let go of his hand that whole night! So Life is great! here are just some random pictures.....

walking quiggs on Sunday
Me and Quiggs in front of the fire (its his favorite place)
He made a label that said "Brek" and stuck it on my forehead and thought it was hilarious
My super cute husband before his talk


Dee Ann Carter said...

aww you guys look cute. Happy 6 months. It goes by so fast.

Jami said...

Thanks for the update Ab! I can't believe it is six months already! I love the updates, so keep them coming. Love you!