Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Poor "Bigger" little brother

Hayden says I can't call him my little brother because he is bigger than me so he is my "Bigger" little brother. Last night I got a phone call from my dad telling me that Hayden is in the Hospital because he busted his leg playing church basketball! Well of course its me and I start bawling and freaking out and thinking its a much bigger deal than it is.... My dad has to tell me lots of times that everything is ok! Haha but anyways he broke it so bad that today he is in surgery getting a rod put in it. I feel bad for him because it is his senior year and he doesn't get to play baseball! But he is a tough guy and I just wanted to post this so that he would know that we love him so so much and hope that his leg can heal really fast! Since we can't be there to come visit in the hospital we wanted to just post this instead.
We love you Bucket Head!! 


9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

You are the best big little sister ever. Hayden is doing great! He is a little onry and a lot more grumpy than normal. I think I didn't appreciate how good you took your hospital stays in stride, you were always so kind, maybe you should share your secret with Hayden!!! ha ha
We love you and Brek thanks for your thoughtfulness!!
Mom and Rexburg Mom

D'Neill said...

Oh, poor Hayden! It must be hard for you to be far away, but that was a great post :) What a great sister you are :)

Jami said...

I'm so glad he is ok. I have been calling grandma to get updates. She said he may not be able to be a firefighter now, I said thats ok with me. Maybe this happened for a reason :) You are a great big/little sister!
Love You!

Pat & Ash said...

Poor kid, that stinks that he's out of baseball!! Hope you had a fun weekend!!! and a fantastic b-day!!! Less than a month that we will be totally across the country from each other!!! craziness!

Momma Fran said...

Happy belated birthday Abbie! I just read all your posts and got caught up on The Two Terrific Tolmans. I can't believe you have been married a half year. Time flies! It sounds like you are busy. Congrats on the new job! If you survive Mia Maids you can teach any age group. You are my hero! Luv ya, Fran