Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend of Fun!!!

This conference weekend we had the house to ourselves. On Friday night we built a fort and watched the new James Bond movie, then on Saturday we played Conference Bingo, but it got to hard and no one won so we quit that and Brek went to Priesthood with his cousin Grant and I hung out with his cousin Brenna and her daughter Haven and after that we all went to dinner at Red Robin. And finally on Sunday we watched Conference and in between sessions we went on a Scooter ride!!! We had a great weekend just hanging out together and watching Conference!

The Fort!

And the scooter ride!
We had a blast!


9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Abs your fort is sooooooo amazing! I can't believe that you talked Brek into building it with you! Daddy would never go for anything like that!!! Looks super fun!!!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

Ok so I LOVE RAZOR SCOOTERS!! haha me and mitch went on a huge ride yeterday and i was like WOW why don't abbie and brek live by us because we could all go on some intense scooter rides.. I miss you and it looks like your having so much fun!

Jami said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Have fun in Utah! Love you!

Pat & Ash said...

the fort... haha Dude nine hours by myself with a child gets long and it's only been one day!!! We gotta figure something out. How's the job!

Dee Ann Carter said...

You guys look like you had so much fun! I can't wait till you move out here we will be hanging out lots! If you need a job when you come back let me know!