Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Happy Easter!!!

This Easter we got to go to Utah and see my AMAZING FAMILY!! The long drive was totally worth it! I got me and Brek some sunglasses for Easter so we were set to drive and then we were off! We stopped at his Grandpa and Grandma Batemans Twin Falls and stayed over night to kind of break it up, that was a blast we played card games until 11 that night then got up in the morning and played one more game. Then they took us out to lunch and then we were off agian!

Sunglasses, and me being bored in the car with Robbin Eggs

When we got there my Grandpa and Grandma Carter bought us pizza! We were just spoiled that day. We hung out with them for a little while then went up to my Grandpa Deardens house and saw the new puppies! 
Then I got the text "We are almost there!" I was like a little kid and Brek was making fun of me because I was so excited to see my family!! We pulled back into my Grandpa and Grandmas house and there were like a bazillion hugs!! It was so great!! We talked until late that night and everyone went down to the basement to go to bed. The next morning we woke up and my Grandma made us a delicious breakfast of ebiskrews (I don't know how to spell that) eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Then it was Is and Gab's turn to freak out we were going to see their puppy! We went back to my grandpas house and saw the cute puppies! I hate dogs and I even thought that they were so cute that I wanted one! We hung out with them the girls watched Twilight and the guys went to Lowes to go check out some ovens for my grandma.

Then it was time for the Carter Family Easter Egg Hunt!! My grandma makes it fun for everyone! Me and Brek were in charge of hiding the eggs for the older girls, and I was not good at all at hiding them compared to him. He hid them so hard like covering them in dirt and leaves with like a speck of the egg showing! He told me "this is not the little leagues anymore" haha So when the eggs were hidden we had a volleyball game with a couple of us and the boys KILLED the girls! After that we had lunch and it was time for the hunt! All the little kids had their own special eggs to find and the older girls had to go find all the other ones. Well Brek succeeded in making it the hardest hunt ever, so hard that he had to go out and show them where they were!

The Volleyball players

The cheerleader!

Leadin the pack

My wonderful parents!

So Handsome!
After the Hunt we always have a Pinata (can't spell that either). So while it was supposed to be getting set up my Uncle Greg decided to make my sisters hang in the tree instead!

It finally got up and Lacie cracked it open. Millie had a hard time swinging she was more like dancing with the stick! haha My grandma even took a turn with taking a swing at it!

Later that night my parents to me and Brek out for ice cream and then me, Brek and Hayden all went out to my cousins Cami and Jasons house to play Bang with some of our other cousins. It was a fun game and Hayden got a little to into it but we all were a little crazy when we finally quit at like 12:30.

The Carter Clan! (not everyone is there but a lot of them!)
The Next morning was Easter and yes the Easter Bunny came! we all got our Easter baskets full of candy and other fun stuff! Then we were off to Grandpa Deardens house for Waffles! They were Delicious and we watched Bolt that the Easter Bunny also brought! Then we had to go back and get into our new Easter church clothes from my parents and we went to Church. Then we had an Great dinner from my grandma, went and picked up the puppy and said goodbye at the gas station. I was really sad to go!

Easter Baskets!

Gotta Love em'!

We love you guys so much and We had so much fun! My grandma told the whole family this weekend that something she noticed about Brek is that he treats me like a Queen! And he does he would do anything for me so thanks for taking me on the trip Honey! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have an AMAZING FAMILY AND AMAZING HUSBAND! 


Dee Ann Carter said...

Im so sad that we missed you and the Easter hunt! But we got to enjoy something that you guys didn't either! Cado!! Love you see you soon. And we will hang out lots when you get here. when are you coming.

Jeff and Heidi said...

It looks like you guys had a great Easter! Your family is so fun!

Megan Hobson said...

WOW looks like you had a really great easter!! Ok my favorite is your grandma swinging at the pinata. How funny!

Jami said...

I'm sorry I missed you guys. I hear you guys are moving here right around the time I am moving to Florida...Hopefully I get to see you before then, like July 17th

Kip & Melissa said...

First of all i love the blue easter egg lips! :) Second, you and Brek are so dang cute together! Third, your little sisters are growing up WAY to fast!! Holy cow they are so big and so adorable! Hope everything is going good for ya!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

abbie hello love!! i miss you so much, and i saw your brother yesterday and i wish you were here to play with me and get ice cream! but it looks like you had such a great easter...hows your job going with all the crazy chinese haha miss you and love you!

Pat & Ash said...

So I just want you to know I've tried to leave you a comment on this post many a times.. didn't work obviously, then I gave up, and now I'm going to try one more time. How are you? How is Washington? I need to skype you, sorry I actually had a life this past week! (Pat earned some money haha) But I hope you are doing good! I'm glad you got a new phone, sorry I would have called you, but I was driving by myself on the highway... So i wasn't going to chat, I had Preslee's life in my hands! Anyways, this is a long one, but it's okay, cuz your post was long! haha Sorry I'm being weird!! Hope you have a good day!!

Pat & Ash said...

Wahoo!!! It worked!!