Thursday, May 7, 2009

*I'm a Lucky Girl*

So basically we are boring and I have nothing to blog about but both Brek's and Mines lessons on the last two Sundays have been about keeping journals and how important they are so since my journal is packed away this is it for a couple more months. 
Lately I have been thinking about how lucky I am and how great my life is!  I have the best husband in the whole world that loves me. He writes me notes every morning and leaves them so I find them when I wake up. He ALWAYS gives me a kiss goodbye even when I am totally asleep at 5:30 in the morning and tells me he loves me. He takes me on a date every week. He is the best Sunday school teacher ever and I love going to his little class because I learn something every week, and he will read scriptures with me every night even if he is dead tired! He always gives me a hug when I get home from work even if he is Totally dirty from dirt and oil! He opens my car door for me. And he holds my hand every night until I go to sleep! I could go on and on but basically the whole point is that I LOVE him so so much and I get to be with him FOREVER!
Also I have the best FAMILY in the whole world too!! I talk to my mom about every single day and no matter how busy she is she will listen to me ramble on and on! My mom is the bestest friend I could ever ask for! I miss her so much and I get so excited to see her! My Dad is the greatest and e-mails me little e-mails all of the time that make my whole day! He always gives me advice that always helps so much. He is the most spiritual man I know and I look up to him so much! My brother Hayden always does the right thing and makes me so proud! I am just glad I graduated before him because he shows me up in school so much! haha He takes a girl out almost every week and I think that is so cool and he probably makes those girls days! My Sister Olivia is pretty much amazing at everything she does! She got into the nursing program in school and is so smart! She has the funniest friends I just love to be in the same room as them because they make me laugh so much, and now that I don't get to be there just hearing the stories make me laugh! Millie is just hilarious and I love hearing her talk because everything that comes out of her mouth is funny! She is pretty much the best dancer I have ever seen, I miss seeing her dances in the living room! She can brighten anyones day just with her jokes. And last but not least Gab and Is! They are my littlest sisters that think they are the biggest! I love when they text me from someone's phone. They always tell me who it is and it instantly will bring a smile to my face! I love when they talk to me on the phone and tell me all the drama going on in their lives. I also have the best Grandparents ever! My Grandpa Dearden and Betty- Ann love us all so much and always are so fun to go visit! I talk to my Grandma Carter about every week and get the 411 on everything going on! My Grandpa and Grandma Carter have taught us all that FAMILY is the most important thing and I am so glad!!
Finally I married into the best in-law family too! My mother in Law Debbie is hilarious and I love coming home and talking to her and hearing all of her stories about her day She always has the best stories I could listen to them all day! My Father in Law Pat always has great advice like my dad and is always so kind to everyone! Justin and Kate are in Rexburg and we don't see them very much but Kate is having a baby and soon I will be an aunt! They are always fun to be around! And Chelsea and Alli are my best friends up here! They always will go with me places because I don't want to go by myself! haha We even went to Hannah Montana and we were the oldest ones in the theatre, then they went with me to by the soundtrack because we liked it so much! haha 
I am just the Luckiest girl in the world!!




Joel and Mic said...

You ARE a lucky, sweet girl. Sounds like you are so happy and Brek is being SO great to you! What a cute post. Love all the pics!

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Abs you are so so very sweet!! You have always made me so happy and I feel lucky that you are my daughter!! I am so happy that you found Brek!! He is amazing and it makes me so happy that he treats you so well! We all LOVE you sooooooo much and can't wait until you come to Rexburg! It will just be a super great party!!!! Abs your are the BEST!!!!!
Love Mom

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Abbie!! I love you so much! and i miss you so much! Thanks for sayin that about me haha! i miss dancing with you in the living room! haha. ;) Well i can't wait to see you guys! I love you Abs!!!

Kip & Melissa said...

oh abbie, you guys are so cute and I am so happy for you! Next time you are in Rexburg you should let me know I would love to see you, so you can meet Kip and Brynlee!

Kristine said...

Abbie, it's Kristine Turnbow Hess... I found your blog from your moms. I hope you don't mind if I follow.. First I just wanna say that your pictures are all so cute! Your wedding was the cutest I've ever seen! Good job! And second, I totally agree with you! You have the MOST AMAZING family! I love you all so much!!! Hope your doing good! And I love all that Brek does for you. Sounds like you got a really good guy. I'm so glad for you!