Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's No place like home!

A couple of weeks ago Brek and I took off for 10 days to see a whole bunch of family! We left on Sunday for his Grandpa and Grandma Bateman in Twin Falls we had a great night with them playing cards and eating treats! Then on Monday we headed down to Utah to try to find a place to live! We went straight to Salt Lake to start looking for apartments but when we got down there we both realized that we didn't really have any idea where to look. So we found a couple of good places then went to Gateway and ate some lunch, after that we were both tired so we went to back to my Grandpa Dearden and Betty-Ann's house. We had a great time with them just talking and watching Dancing with the stars! The next day we went down to Salt Lake again to meet with the college. Well that turned out TERRIBLE! We got up there and they didn't have our transcripts they had our name down wrong so they couldn't even find any of our records. So then they had to process our transcripts they said they wouldn't be done until the next day so we said we could come back the next morning but they said no one would be there for a week! So basically it was all very frustrating! We both started to get the feeling that we probably weren't supposed to go there anymore. So instead of looking for apartments we went to Temple Square and watched the Joseph Smith Movie! It turned out to be a really fun day just hanging out with each other. We then headed to my Grandpa and Grandma Carter's house and had KFC on TV trays and watched the finale of Dancing with the stars! We all went to bed then the next morning my grandma made us a huge delicious breakfast, and we all talked for a while then we headed up to REXBURG!

These were flowers all over the place! They weren't even planted yet but there were ons of them!!

Oh and when we were driving around Bountiful, Brek wanted to show me where he used to live. We Found this HUGE house! This is only one view but I just had to put it on here because it is so big!

Then it was headed to REXBURG!! I was so excited to go back home! It was so fun being back at my house and seeing everyone I knew! We made tons of treats and just talked the first night! Then the next day Gabi even made me and Brek our own invitation to her school program, so we went that and she did such a good job, then after her program she got the fastest girl award so we were all excited for her! Then we went back and had lunch and me and Brek left to go save seats for graduation! We went and got snow cones and sat there for an hour and a half! Graduation was a blast and we were all so proud of Hayden he is such an amazing guy! We went back to the house and had a great b-b-q with steak and fruit and treats and just tons of food! The next day Brek went to hang out with Justin and I hung out with my mom! We went to the twins Field day and had a picnic with them and then we went and ran errands! It was a blast just being with her and hanging out! She is just amazing and took us all later that day to pick out fabric and on Saturday night she made us all way cute skirts for Sunday! Saturday we had a great time with my family 4 wheeling in the mountains! It was a so much fun and we all fit on 2 four wheelers and were just planning to go on just a little drive. That drive turned into an hour and it was raining, all of us were getting pretty cold, the dog was shaking and finally we found the car! So we loaded up and were headed back home. Well because of the rain we got stuck and we couldn't get turned around so we all had to get out and turn the trailor around with our hands! We got covered in mud but we finally made it home! It was so much fun! Then later that night we went down to dinner with Justin and Kate at Iggy's it was Delicious! We went to church on Sunday and got to have my moms famous Sunday dinner, we played a couple games and then we had to head back to Twin.

Cute Gab!

The Graduate and Gab during the ceremony

The Twins at field day

All Muddy!

Then on Sunday we went back to twin and Brek got to see he cousin Guy that he hasn't seen since Thanksgiving. He got to play lots of games and then he even helped his grandpa cut branches off a tree with a saw taped to a stick... haha Then they took us up to some pretty water falls! Then we headed back up to Washington and got back at one thirty in the morning! We were both exhausted but Brek being the amazing guy he is went to work that day!

Cuttin the tree

It was such a great week! Thank you everyone for making it so great! We love you all!!!


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

I"M SO SAD I WAS NO IN REXBURG WHEN YOU WERE THERE!!! ohh my mom even text me and said guess who I just saw, and it was you! hah but have you talked your husband into coming and visiting me yet.. please say yes!

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

I love all the pictures!! I love you and I was so glad to have you and Brek come for a visit!! You are the cutest couple in the whole wide world!!!
Love you to pieces!