Monday, August 10, 2009

Jami's Wonderful Wedding

My Cousin got married in July and Brek and I were lucky to get off work so we could go! The wedding was beautiful at the Bountiful temple!! They were so happy and so cute! It was weird to think that we were doing the same thing almost a year ago! Everything turned out perfect except we all were dying of heat stroke taking pictures! The Temple grounds were gorgeous and my dad took more pictures but I don't have them so these will have to do for now. The reception was so fun too! It was in my cousins Cami and Jason's backyard and they served Ice cream cones! It was so fun to be around everyone and we are so excited to live close to them! So Congratulations Jami and Matt! Welcome Matt to our big happy family!!

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Shawn and Ashley said...

Little ABBIE. darling posts :) what a cute fam you have. im so glad life is great!! keep in touch :)