Monday, August 10, 2009

I love Idaho!!

After the wedding we went back to my favorite place REXBURG!!! My beautiful Aunt Jolene and her three kids came up with us for a couple of days and it was a party!! She is always so much fun, we were going to go to Harry Potter with her but the babies fell asleep but I do have my own Harry Potter.....

haha Jolene had stuff like this for everyone to go to the movie in but she ended up having to leave early. We were all sad but we got to see the movie and loved it!! We had a blast being with Jolene and the kids!
We were so lucky to get to stay the whole week! on Wednesday we floated the Canal... As Hayden says "people in the city swim in pools, but we get canals and bridges!" haha It was quite an adventure! First Brek and I tried to get on one tube and in about two seconds we both under water, the tube wasn't big enough for the both of us so we traded and got the bigger one that had to much air on one side so it was lop-sided! Well we flipped on that one too. It made Liv and Mils day I think they could not stop laughing! Then when we finally made it on the tube we got to the first bridge and our tube was not going to fit under it! So I start freaking out because I couldn't touch and the current was strong. So Brek being my hero helped me to the side and went back and had to pull the tube against the current. So round one of the floating trip did not work out to well. So we picked up everyone else at the end and went to try again! Brek fixed the lop-sided tube and we were all off! This time we made it through the whole thing and had a great time! Brek loved it and was even doing tricks in his tube. Millie thought it was hilarious and made fun of him the whole day!

Sometime that week I can't remember exactly what day my dad asked Livie out on her first date!

Did anyone else know that I had such a talented dad?! He re did the Titanic song because lately she has been obsessed with Titanic. So what could be more perfect then taking her to the Titanic Museum?! They had a great time and it was so cute!

When they got back from their date she opened presents, and I have to say the Sean wins on the cutest present! She told him that if he was going to give her a present he could only spend five dollars. So he was very creative and wrote a whole story and then gave her a bunch of 5 dollar gift certificates to all of her favorite places! It was so Cute!!!! She got a bunch a fun gifts from everyone else too!

After presents we all went Bridge jumping! It was so much fun! Brek did a back flip, I was a chicken and took forever to jump off every time. The twins even beat me to jumping off! We floated the river behind it once, and just had a great time!

Well after we got home Brek had so much water in his ears that he could barely take it so my mom had him do this sick sinus thing where he stuck this tube thingy up one nostril and out the other one. He would not let me take any picuters of this because he knew they would end up on here. We did all sorts of tricks to get the water to leave! Then Livie had her cake that Brek and I made. And we watched a movie! It was a Fabulous day for the sweet sixteen girl!
And we can't forget that the day before my mom cut part of her finger off trimming the bushes out front. It was an adventure going to the hospital and seeing the doctor stitch it all up. It turned out bad and my mom had surgery last week and now its all black. But she is a trooper and amazing and doesn't let that stop her!
On Saturday Liv and her best friend Erica had a combined birthday party! It was really fun they just played games and had ice cream and watched a movie. So It all turned out really good!
It was another fun trip home and we loved it so much! Thanks fam for always making it so great! We love and miss you guys!!


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

oh my goodness your dad is SO funny! I miss rexburg why can't we just go home and live there this fall geez.... well i'm excited for us to both be close, orem is not that far from salt lake so we'll still visit all the time! I can't wait till that day tho we will have so much fun!

Matt and Jami said...

Im so glad you got to come down for the wedding, and spend time with your family in Rexburg. It was SO good to see you! Love you!

melanee said...

Cute updates Abb! Love Brek's Harry Potter picture, Liv and Sean are stinkin cute, and your dad cracks me up. ha I love your family. So glad you got to come home and visit, come back soon :) Or I'll come find you in Salt Lake!

amy said...

Abbie!!! You are SO cute and I miss you tons! I am so happy that you found me and glad we can stay in touch. Your fam is just the best and super funny. :) Love ya!

Shawn and Ashley said...

I MISS Idaho. Take me back take me back!!!

Pat & Ash said...

uhhh just realized that Brek, on your top pic with the candy and you, looks just like your dad!!!! Abbie, you married your dad ha