Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Chelan!!

A couple of weeks ago we went up to a beautiful Lake house in Chelan with Breks family! We had a blast!! We packed up the cars with tons of food, dropped off little Ashlyn at Kates parents house and we were off! With a few bathroom stops we were finally there. It was so pretty! And we decided to look around.

While we were down at the water Chelsea fell in and got soaked, I don't have the picture but it was really funny! then we headed to the club house to check that out.

We played pool and foosball and checked out the pool, then headed back home.
With my luck I woke up the day we were leaving with a killer sore throat and stuffy nose so lucky for me I did not sleep that night at all! So the next day when everyone woke up we headed to this really cute blueberry restaurant for lunch and drove around the town. When we got back it was My and Brek's turn to make dinner so we made these yummy smashed potatoes and steak, it was delicious! Then for the rest of the night we played games and just had a great time laughing and hanging out together. Luckily that day we found a grocery store and I bought some Nyquil to help me sleep so the next day i would be full of energy!
We woke up the next day early and ready to go boating! We spent the whole day on the boat and by the end of the day we were all wiped out! But even me being a chicken went on the tube and I loved it! Brek pretty much was the boating king and could do everything! He was wake boarding with his sun glasses on and we tried to get his attention that he had them on and when we did he totally biffed it and goodbye sunglasses! haha Pats hat also flew off but we were lucky enough to find that one! haha everyone had a great time going behind the boat and just relaxing on the boat too. But when we got home we all were so Lucky to be burned by the sun! haha Kate and I had it the worst I think.... the only thing that got burned was our knees but it killed so bad that we both loaded up the Aloe and cold rags and ice and anything we could think of to help with the pain.

Then on the last day we went to this WAY cute town called Levenworth. Everything was called Bavarian there was even a Bavarian McDonalds! It was so much fun we went and bought a lot of flavors of Taffy and old fashioned candy, and then got some delicious ice cream!!! It was just a very fun place! Then we went to float the river... it was supposed to be a relaxing float and it ended up being a crazy float, it was to shallow in some places and so Brek had to get out and pull our tubes and then one time he thought it was still shallow and nope... it was deep so he was holding on to my tube and pulled his back out! When we saw the purple flags we are go happy to get back home! haha When we got back that night and everyone was ready to collapse! Everyone was so sore from boating and Breks back hurt so bad! So we all sat on the couch and then went to bed!

It was such a fun trip! So Thank you Pat and Debbie for taking us and making it so much fun! We love you!

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Rozalynn and Mitch said...

OHH what a fun time! CAn't WAIT for all of our fun dinner parties and FHE without kids! haha I seriously want to do something adventerouse and fun every weekend so let's get thinking of fun things to do. AND i know for a fact we HAVE to ride our razor scooters toether before it gets to cold...love you!