Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is Crazy!

Well I left my camera in Idaho and so I have none of my pictures of Christmas yet. But We had a great Christmas up in Washington, we got to hang out with all of Breks family and just had a great time! Then we headed to Idaho for a week to have Christmas with my fam and I'm am pretty sure that it was the scariest drive I have ever been! I closed my eyes for half of it then cried for the rest of the way because I was so scared that our little car wasn't going to make it through the mountains! But we made is safe! We had a great time up in Rexburg too just hanging out and relaxing!
Now we are packing up our apartment and getting ready to move to Ogden this weekend with my Grandma and Grandpa Carter, my grandma just had to have surgery on her knee so we are going to go help them for 3 months. We are excited for the new adventure! So life is kind of crazy right now but when I get pictures I will post them of our great vacation!

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Rozalynn and Mitch said...

it was good seeing you at the wedding for a few minutes! And I'm glad you guys made it to and from safe, those roads can get pretty intesnse! love you and I hope we can play soon