Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quarter of a Century

My man the April Fools baby.... On April 1st we celebrated Brek's 25th birthday! Here are 25 fun facts about the Birthday Boy

1. He Loves to cook, and is very good at it.
2. He is a total neat freak and I love it when he cleans because it is SPOTLESS.
3. He Hates Hamburger Helper
4. He was a TOTAL Barbie Ken in High School and College all Abercrombied out ha
5. He has been to hospital more times then I can count because of doing Crazy things
6. He loves The Work and the Glory movies
7. He made the Varsity soccer team as a 9th grader
8. He was born in Twin Falls so even though he denies it he is an Idaho boy!
9. He loves Raspberries
10. He is 5 Feet 7 inches tall
11. He served his Mission in Denver Colorado
12. His favorite color is Blue
13. He never even knew what muddy buddies were until I came into his life!
14. He isn't afraid to watch Chick Flicks with me and sometimes likes them as much as me!
15. His nick name in High School was "BAD BOY BREK" haha
16. He LOVES going on drives and looking at houses pretending we could ever build some of them!
17. He gets so Dizzy when he spins around even once
18. He is VERY competitive and has to win all the time ha
19. He likes to Long Board
20. His Favorite TV show is Smallville
21. He used to major in Physical Science
22. He can fix ANYTHING
23. He loves to go on Scooter rides
24. He is pretty much a fearless bridge jumper
25. And most important he LOVES ME!

We kind of had a low key birthday but because of my SWEET job I was able to give him Bleach Trays to whiten his teeth and he was very excited about that! I decorated the living room and made him a crown, and our cousins Jordan and Randee came over for Pineapple upside down cupcakes! Then they wanted us to go to dinner with them at a place called WINGNUTS... It was a fun day!




Eating our Wings

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9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Breker breker! You are getting so very old. I thought I knew you but some of the things on the list were new to me!! But it is super great to have you in our family. Happy
Birthday Brek the BIG 25.. We love you Your Carter family