Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Month of March

Well I guess that now living with my grandpa I am a little bit more busy, but I like being busy I decided!

The first big exciting thing in March was Olivia did Jr. Miss! I seriously was so proud of my sister I almost cried! She did AMAZING! I can't believe she didn't win anything, she was the BEST singer and did the best fitness and had the best answer! I was so proud and I could go on and on. Anyways she looked beautiful and did FABULOUS! Way to go LIV!

My mom is AMAZING!!

My dad is AMAZING too!!

The best sisters in the whole world!

A very proud brother-in-law!

Proud Grandpa Dearden! And Betty-Ann!

The 3 Cutest Friends!

Cute and Funny Escorts!!

I had to force this picture to happen... haha but I think they both were very happy I did!

Then the next day was the big 21 for me! I get to get a horizontal drivers license! It was a Sunday so it was kind of a relaxing birthday! I woke up to the whole upstairs being covered with pictures of me everywhere! ha and I was not a very attractive kid but it was fun to see all of the pictures! Then We went to church, came home had my favorite Chinese Sundaes for dinner and then I opened presents! The best present I could ever get was getting to be back in Rexburg with my hubby and family! It was a very quick, very wonderful weekend!

My beautiful Mama and my fabulous Rainbow chip cake!

Just one of the places with pictures all over

Me and my Man

Then the next weekend was Brek's Great Grandma's 100th birthday!! Yep 100 years old! It was crazy! But we had another wonderful weekend with Brek's family hanging out at the party, and playing cards! We didn't really know very many people there so mostly we sat with his brother and sisters and ASHLYN! eating chocolate covered strawberries and looking up Chinese Zodiac signs... haha don't know why we did that but it kept us entertained! Oh and Brek took me to Wal-Mart at midnight on Friday to get New Moon but the line was ridiculously long so we went to bed and got it Saturday afternoon! ha


The Whole Family!

I LOVE LOVE this little Girl!

Grandpa and Little Peaches

The guest of Honor Grandma Norine!

Oh and we have no pictures of this but I had to write it down. We got pulled over the other day because one of our brake lights is out, the cop took a very long time looking up Brek's license and our registration and came back and asked us how long we have lived in Utah. Well we told him and he said that when you move to Utah you have 10 days to get your registration and license changed to Utah! How in the HECK were we supposed to know that??? Well we lucked out and got a warning but still we were a little annoyed about it! haha

That is the month of March... I love march! And now April will begin and Brek will be done with school for the summer! So hopefully we will be having some more fun adventures!


Pierce said...

Hey Abbs!! I hope you had a great birthday and I hope you are doing great? Sounds like your doing awesome!!! Miss you!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

Barbie Tolman, (it can't be barbie carter anymore-but that's still what I have your name in my phone) haha ANYWAYS Me and Mitch are probably moving to utah this summer!! So.. we will have so many fun adventures, we better start planning some!

Kaylie said...

8-Minute Abbs,
What a cute blog! I have not looked at it forever because I am too busy chasing children around a classroom, but I loved the updates. Your haircut is absolutely darling, I am so grateful you got to be with your grandma in those tender moments, and I can't believe that Hayden is old enough to be a missionary! Holy smokes, I swear that just yesterday we were still in Jr. High or something :) Anyway, I hope that we will see you the next time you come home because we will be back home at the end of this week. I can't believe we're done here... Love you and take care!

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Beautiful Abbie
I loved the update! Except for the picture of the terrible rainbow chip cake!! ha ha I still don't know what went wrong! I have to tell you that I think the picture of you with Grandma Norine is the prettiest picture of you that I have ever seen. You look BEAUTIFUL! You are so fun never change! Love you to pieces!

Joel and Mic said...

That sweet post of your grandparents brought tears to my amazing to witness such amazing things...and Brek's grandma looks great for 100. that is so cool. You look so cute Abbie. Brek is a lucky man!