Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wednesday February 24 My Grandma LoRene Carter passed away. I had the honor of being by her side when she went to go back to live with our Heavenly Father. This experience will replay in my mind over and over again, and I wanted to share it.

To my grandma family was the most important thing in the whole wide world. We were told that she wouldn't live passed the weekend and so the whole family camped out at the house just so we could all be with her every single moment we could. Well She made it passed the weekend so we waited on Monday.... It was two of my cousins birthdays on Monday so of course she was going to hold on she wouldn't want to ruin her grandkids birthday! Then Tuesday came... it was her 77th birthday, and even though she was in a coma she still got sang to and everyone just sat by her bed. Then Wednesday came and we all decided that Grandma wanted to prove everyone wrong and she was going to hold on as long as possible. So everyone went home saying call us if anything changes. Well my grandpa went outside and it was really just me and Cado at home so I was planning on staying down in her room for a little while. That is when my cousin Jami came in and said lets just try leaving her alone for 10 minutes to see what she does. That did the trick when we went to check on her she was in the last few minutes of her life here on earth. My grandma loved us all so much that I know with all of my heart she didn't want everyone to see her go and that is why she hung on.

There were just a few of us in there, and we were all telling her it was ok to go and that we loved her, and the most amazing thing happened she opened her eyes and they were clear and alert. She was looking up as if someone was waiting for her up there, and then a quick glance at all of us, and finally at my sweet grandpa... When she looked at my grandpa a tear leaked out of her eye and that was it. It was then that my grandpa grabbed her hand and called her sweetheart.


He was always at her side just talking to her and holding her hand.

I have NEVER EVER seen someone love someone as much as my grandparents loved each other. And I will never forget that special day. My Grandma was one of the most amazing people I know and I will miss her very much!! I am so thankful for everything she has taught me and I cannot wait for the day that I will see her again!!

I love you Grandma!


D'Neill said...

Abbie - I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! Hugs to you and your family from the Hobbs.

melanee said...

This is really precious and tender Abbie, thanks so much for sharing. I hope that the funeral went well and that you are all feeling love and peace! I sure love you!

9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

Thank you for being such an amazing daughter! I know living with Grandma during this hard time was hard but I am so proud of you. This is a Picture I love to look at. True love is hard to find but we were lucky to have grandma and grandpa show us the perfect example! I love you so much!!!

Momma Fran said...

What a nice tribute to your Grandmother. She was a very special lady. I miss you.