Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Birthday Boy

April 1st was my main mans birthday! He is now officially old and 26!


I love this boy so much so here is my list of 26 things I love about him!

1. I love when you say "Is that right" just because you know it will make me laugh


2. I love that when we go to the movies you always let me put my legs on your lap and if the seats are to far apart you are just as sad as I am!

3. I love seeing you with the kids at nursery you make my heart melt when you tell me every time how you want to teach our kid to be like him or her

4. I love your chubby big toe


5. I love when you decide to be the chef and make dinners that are sooo delicious

6. I love that you get so excited to tell me what you learned in Religion class


7. I love when you say "GET THIS!"

8. I secretly love when you talk to quiggs even though he is a million miles away!

9. I love that you will watch any movie with me while you rub my feet and I tickle your head


10. I love riding in the car with you

11. I love when you wear baseball hats

12. I love that you ALWAYS hold my hand when we go to bed

13. I love that you want a treat every single night just like me!


14. I love the face you make when you just ate something that tasted sooo good

15. I love your laugh


16. I love watching you work on your bike

17. I love that you can fix anything and won't stop until it is fixed!

18. I love that you are not afraid to be YOU!

19. I love when you tell me stories of the crazies on the train

20. I love when you take kissing pictures with me even though you pretend you hate it


21. I love when you come home from running, and breathing so hard but with a huge smile on your face because you are so proud that you did it!

22. I love that you don't worry and help me not to worry as much

23. I love that when we go out to eat you always want Mexican food just as much as I do

24. I love the way you sneeze

25. I love dreaming up awesome vacations that we will go on one day



There is so much more! You are my bestest friend and I love that I get to spend every single day for the rest of eternity with you!


I love you Brek



Mitch + Roz said...

Cutest post ever... My boys birthday is next week and I just Might need to steal this great idea from you.. Miss you and love you so much. I'm glad I got to see you for a second at Jr. Miss ;)

Matt and Jami said...

Thats so cute Ab! Im so glad you have each other! Love you!