Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funny Story

This happened a few weeks ago but I wanted to put it on here because it was pretty funny/ scary!

Brek decided that he wanted to sell his ipod. He gets in this selling mode sometimes and likes to post everything on KSL. It is not my favorite thing and I might have cried when he told me he was selling his ipod because it was the first Christmas present I gave him when we were married. He hugged me and explained that he has his iphone now so it really is ok. I blame pregnancy hormones on the unnecessary tears, poor baby girl gets it all blamed on her.

So he came home from work and said we had to get in the car because he was supposed to meet this guy in the Albertsons parking lot. It took a shade under a decade to get all the stuff off of it because his computer didn't want to cooperate. So we were about a half hour late.

When we pulled up Brek tells me that this guy is supposed to be in a limo. That was the freak out moment number 1.

Number 2 it was pouring rain so that added to the dramatics of it.

And we see the limo and no one is there so I start asking him if we are going to get arrested because this looks like a drug deal!  We pull up to the Limo an this guy gets out of the BACK seat with his son and holds the door open for Brek to get in with them.... I immediately start freaking out in the jeep and start to come up with a plan for what I am going to do for when they take off with my husband in the back seat! So I do the only thing I can really think and take about a gazillion pictures of this limo so I have evidence to give to the police! Ha

He was in that back seat for like 20 minutes while they look over the whole thing! I mean really people its an ipod how hard can it be to see if you want it?!

Finally they give Brek the money and he gets in the car and we are on our way back home.

No need for me to freak out, and I guess the guy was really nice! I just thought the whole thing was a little creepy and it didn't help that the parking lot was completely empty and it was POURING!!


The End.

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Amberly said...

I think anyone in their right mind would be a little freaked out ;)