Monday, May 27, 2013

When Grandpa and Grandma Come to Town

This weekend Pat and Debbie came down for a quick trip!

We had a packed fun filled weekend. They got here late Friday night. Luc must have known because she woke up right after they got here, and wanted to party! Finally about 1:00 a.m she decided it was ok to go to sleep. She didn't really want to sleep that night and ended up getting to sleep in our bed. at about 7:00 we were up and ready for the day!

 photo GrandpaandLuc.jpg

 photo HappyLuc.jpg

 photo GrandmaandLucie.jpg

We got up, got dressed in her ADORABLE new jeans that she got from Grandma and headed out. We went and checked out Chelsea's new apartment, and then we were off to Big Juds for lunch. After lunch we headed to Idaho Falls for some shopping. On the way home we had to introduce Debbie to our sno cone obsession. And they were delish! We came back, I had to get my lesson ready for church, and we made pizza rolls for dinner. We stayed up late talking and as always I fell asleep on Brek's shoulder.

 photo ChelseaandLucie.jpg

 photo GrandmaandLucbigJuds.jpg

 photo Family.jpg

 photo shopping.jpg
{She clearly loved shopping}

Sunday morning we woke up. I finished getting my lesson ready, got the babe ready, and we headed to church. My lesson was on chastity. That is always such a awkward lesson to teach. I made it through ended early because I ran out of things to say, but after the first hour was over I was just happy it was over and I was able to enjoy church. We came home and had yummy Cafe Rio salads for dinner and just chilled. Then we took Luc on a nice long walk, came home and got her ready for bed. And yet again we stayed up way late talking and this time I out did myself and crashed on Brek's shoulder but this time with the mouth hanging wide open!

 photo Justchillin.jpg

 photo Bumbo.jpg

 photo pose.jpg

 photo readyforchurch.jpg

Monday we all got up a little sad knowing they had to go home. We got ready for the day, and went to an early lunch and Pizza Pie Cafe. After that we had to make one more stop for sno cones. We said goodbye and then Lucie slept for 3 hours. That girl likes to party!

 photo Craigos2.jpg

 photo Craigos.jpg

 photo sweetie.jpg

We had so much fun, and always love it when they come visit! We can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks!!

(Also thank you Debbie for so many cute pics of the little Luc}

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Guy and Nikki said...

Super cute! What a fun visit!!