Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baking Beauty

I love to bake. I get it from my mom. She says that when she needs to de-stress baking cookies does the trick! I grew up sitting on the counter next to her bosch and waiting for the next ingredient I got to pour in! The day I learned to crack an egg I was on top of the world!

I love having my little sidekick next to me dumping in the sugar, and then trying to sneak tastes the whole time! I hope that I can give my Lucie goose the same memories of baking with her mom that my mom gave to me!

 photo food-4.jpg

 photo Butter.jpg

 photo DSC_6307.jpg

 photo stoptakingmypicturemom.jpg

 photo DSC_6310.jpg

 photo DSC_6327.jpg

 photo DSC_6356.jpg

 photo DSC_6354.jpg

 photo delish.jpg

 photo DSC_6378.jpg

 photo Yum.jpg

 photo DSC_6391.jpg

 photo DSC_6405.jpg

{They are little Snitchers}

 photo DSC_6422.jpg

 photo cookiescoop.jpg

 photo DSC_6430.jpg

 photo DSC_6437.jpg

 photo family-2.jpg

As you can tell Brek usually comes around just as the cookie dough is done. And if he had it his way we wouldn't even bake one cookie! Just eat a whole bowl of cookie dough. But I wouldn't have my little family baking session any other way!

 photo recipe.jpg

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