Monday, August 4, 2014

Uncle Sam 5k

Liv and Erika went all planned the whole day for the 4th! To start the day off we all met up at the temple at 7:00 A.M to run the 5k. We had to wear red, white, and blue and then all got matching bandanas. we started the race, and Brek, the goose, and I went on our own little route because we were just walking. So we cheated. Millie went around in the car taking everyones pictures, and later picked up Grandpa and Grandma. Once Lu saw them in the car she was done, so they picked her up and took her to the "Let Freedom Ring Breakfast" while Brek and I continued to walk with an empty stroller. Yes we looked a little crazy, and felt a little weird waving to people pushing an empty stroller with no kid in sight. The race ended at the "Let Freedom Ring Breakfast" at the Evans house. Lu loved the yogurt and the crepes were delicious!!

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