Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'd get Lost with Him any day!

A couple weeks ago we finally were going to finished Lost, and we were both pretty happy about it because it was taking over our lives!!

I found this idea on the Dating Diva's website, told Ashley about it, and then decided I wanted to do it too!

So I worked hard all day to get it done.

I dropped the tickets off in his car at work so on his way home he would find them, and then had everything ready for when he came home.

Except right before he come home the voting lady came to the door and wanted him to sign up for mail in voting or something, so I'm sure she thought I was a crazy person with all of these labels all over, and then I got her to leave just as he pulled up! So she followed him right back up the stairs, and we had to wait for him to sign the papers... So it kinda ruined the whole surprise of it but it was still a fun night!


{Our Tickets}


{The sign on the front door}


{His Love letter binder, and shirt}


{Our "Love Boat"}




{The BEST cake}


{These all over the living room}


{Matching shirts}



{Watching the last two episodes}

Brek totally called the ending, and we both were still a little confused about it, but it was a really fun show to get caught up in! But now we can have our lives back and not need to watch "JUST ONE MORE" episode every night!

Husband thanks for playing a long and getting excited for my LOST date!

Love you!


Amberly said...

I haven't seen this idea but I like it!! We used to watch Lost all the time but then we got engrossed in other shows and I don't think we've watched it since before Christmas! I'm going to find it and do it too!!!

Ashley Sullenger said...

Yeah!!!! So fun!!!


Mitch + Roz said...

You two are just the cutest... WHY DO YOU LIVE SO FAR AWAY!!! and yes Happy Birthday, love ya!