Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Days

I am just going to throw basically the whole summer into one post because our summer has been pretty low key.

First things first...

On July 2nd we found that little baby Tolman is going to be little baby GIRL Tolman!!


We were so excited! I called because my neighbor had told me that my Dr's office will tell you what you are having early if you want to pay $25 and $25 was nothing because the suspense was killing me! So I called that day and asked if I could get in, and sure enough they had an appointment at 4:00 so I took it! I called up the husband and told him to meet me at the Dr! I drank all the water I was supposed to and just about died because I had to go to the bathroom so bad! When we got in there the lady kept looking and took a ton of adorable pics but the little one was not in the mood to move! She then proceeded to tell me that I had a very full bladder and that maybe I should go to the bathroom and then she would move. Ha I guess I drank to much because after I went the little babe was moving all over the place! We got a nice clear shot and there was our little GIRL! We both pretty much knew it was a girl before we got there we just had the feeling but we were still so excited! I looked over at Brek and he was watching that screen with the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen! He was so cute, and had told me just a few days earlier that he wanted it to be a girl. So we are so happy to be welcoming our little princess in December! We told the families that night and they were just as excited and Millie told me a couple of days later that she is just going to be SO LOVED! 

-We found out at almost 16 weeks, and then when we went back for our 19 week appointment the little girl did not want to move again! And HEAVEN FORBID she open those little legs of hers! haha she was comfortable where she was and no matter what we did she would just slide a little and that was about it! ha so we hope she is still a girl! But we did get good pictures of the stuff that the Dr. really needed to see especially a PERFECT one of her little heart so I can't be to mad!

Speaking of that 19 week appointment Brek had that day off so I took the day off of school and we spent a much needed WHOLE day together! We went to the Dr, then we had plans to go grocery shopping, but he really really wanted me to try the driving range with him so we headed to the golf course!


He was a very good teacher, and I actually hit a few kind of far! I made him so proud! All those days that I hid with Roz in the bathroom during the golf portion of P.E did not help my skills though... I guess I should have actually tried to hit the ball!

Then we did go grocery shopping, and let me tell ya it is so much better going with him then it is going by myself! We finally had food in the fridge, and after we unloaded and put them away I crashed on the couch! Then I woke up and we were going to make dinner together, but last minute decided to make it to Batman right on time! It was sooooo good and I am so glad we went! I hated Dark Knight, and have nightmares about that stupid Joker every time I watch it so I was a little nervous to go to this one. It was so worth being brave though because I ended up LOVING IT! then we came home and made that delicious dinner. It was a PERFECT day!

My visiting teacher is so sweet and was up in Salt Lake and texted me and told me her relatives had a crib that they were taking to D.I and wanted to know if I wanted it. I  of course said yes and they brought it back for us! We were so excited that we set it up that night! Now every time I go in the second bedroom I can't help but smile because I get so excited!


Kinzie and Daniel came to visit! I was so excited to see someone from home! We were supposed to go to dinner the night before but it didn't work out, but they came and said hi the next day! It was sooooooo good to see her!


We also were faithful followers of the olympics for almost the whole time! the channel really never got changed! But the last few days we got a little burnt out... We did watch a little of the closing ceremony last night and I was a little sad it was over! Now after watching the biking Brek is convinced that that is what his career should be!


I picked up some whipping cream at Albertsons because the Wal-mart kind never lasts as long, and I couldn't help but smile at the expiration date.... I called it our "Love whipped cream" 


Friday the 10th of August is National S'more day I found out, so I had to make them! They sounded so good and since fires are banned pretty much everywhere I made them in the oven! They were the perfect treat for a friday night!


And for another treat one night we decided instead of making biscuits with our dinner on sunday we would skip them and make donuts instead! It was super fun and we had a couple different toppings. It reminded me of making them with my mom when I was little! It was a fun treat to make and it was yummy!


And now for a pregnancy update

-I finally have felt better these last couple of weeks. That first trimester is rough!
-I am getting bigger every day, and I look at other people that are pregnant and swear I am bigger then just about every single one of them! I only have a few pairs of pants to wear now, and shirts keep getting tighter around this belly of mine. I don't think I can put off going shopping much longer.
-I haven't craved anything really bad though, different things sound good on different days. BUT I can eat a whole box of Costco grapes by myself. It took me a week last week to finish them off, and I think that poor Brek got maybe a handful. I LOVE them! So at least they are healthy! Oh and I go through cereal like its going out of style! Those are the two main food groups these days I guess cereal and grapes!
- If I am on my feet for a long time at school, and it gets hot my feet start to swell up and my toes look like marshmallows but as soon as I sit down they go back down.
- I can feel her move now and am convinced that you can feel it on the outside, so I tell Brek to come feel and he never can. Hopefully it will come soon because I cannot wait for him to get to feel her move!


I have two apps on my phone and love to check and read about what she is doing in there! 


I sent this picture to Brek at work today because I didn't want to put on one of my shirts... So I said it was his little Ambercrombie baby, and I think it made his whole day! So this is the best belly pic that i have... She is growing!


I sent this pic to Brek too because I don't think I have ever been as hot as I was that day! You can't really tell in this picture but i promise they were big! I thought I was dying! Haha one of the instructors even asked me if i was ok because I looked so bad! I went back to the coolest room in the school and put my feet up to get them to go down.

I can't complain to much though. Now that I am out of the first trimester it isn't to bad! I am just counting down the days until we get to meet her, and it feels like forever away!

We haven't had the most exciting summer, but we are happy just the way it is!


Amberly said...

You're cute!!! I love to read your blog and I'm sure that you're going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever!!

Nicole said...

Adorable Abbie

*Stephanie Lance* said...

YAY! looks like fun! You're little bump is just ADORABLE!! I am so excited for you! Girls are the BEST! Well, I guess I wouldn't know any different but still, girls are the best! :) You guys are too cute!!