Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Blessed Day

March 31, 2013 was Easter Sunday and the day we blessed our sweet babe!

Picture overload is about to happen I just couldn't narrow it down!

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I love these two more than anything in this world!

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 photo 4generations.jpg

4 Generations

 photo Lucie.jpg

I loved her dress so much! She kept playing with it but she looked so beautiful! Thank you Grandma Carter for the perfect Dress!

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 photo fam.jpg

 photo familyblackandwhite.jpg

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and finally when it came around the day was everything I could ever hope it to be and more!

It was one of the best days of my life!

We woke up and everyone got ready. We celebrated Easter a little by giving Lucie her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny, took some pictures and put the finishing touches on the food for the luncheon after.

We blessed her at my parents ward, and on our way Brek was nervous! We walked into church, and were a little nervous that Lucie would not be good for the blessing because she was not the least bit tired. The time came and I could feel the spirit so strong! Brek did such an amazing job and gave her the sweetest most amazing blessing, and he even got a little emotional. It melted my heart completely! I got all teary and was so completely happy I felt like my heart was going to burst!

After a wonderful Sacrament meeting we all headed out to take a big group picture. To add to the most perfect day the weather was PERFECT!

We went to my parents house got the food set up, and took pictures with everyone so we could document who came for her big day! She did not want to ever look at the camera but she still looked adorable.

The day was spent outside in the beautiful sunshine. My dad held an umbrella up so the babe wouldn't get sunburned and she was loved by everyone!

We were so blessed to have so much family come up to see our little Lucie get blessed! Once again I can't even write how unbelievably perfect this Easter Sunday was but it for sure is one that I will never forget!

 photo kiss.jpg

We love you so much Lucie Lu!

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Amberly said...

Your family is beautiful!!! And Lucie is so cute!!! You look amazing by the way!