Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

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Dear Lucie,

Thank you so much for making me your mom. I have loved every single day that you have been here! Watching you grow, and discover new things is my favorite thing in this whole world! Being the one that can comfort you when you cry, the one that you always want to snuggle with in the morning, and the one that gets the HUGE smile every night right before bath time make me the most luckiest momma! You have taught me more about patience and love in the 5 months you have been here then I have known my whole life! I feel so privileged to be the one that you call mom forever! Thank you so much for being mine! I love you more than anything in this world!



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Dear Mom,

Thank you for being my mom! I am so lucky that I get to have you as my mom forever! Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom my whole life. You always said it was hard but I never understood until Lucie came along. You are AMAZING I don't know how you have handled all 6 of us, but I do know we hit the jackpot! Thank you for teaching me the joys and stress relievers of baking cookies, thank you for teaching me that service always makes you feel better, and thank you for always taking the time to play and make sure there is always some sort of fun, even if it is weeding those horrible raspberries! I love you mom! You have had a rough year and I am so inspired by your strength! Thank you for being such a wonderful Grandma to my Lucie Lu! She loves you so much and you have even gotten a laugh out of her thats more than I can even say! ha She will always love her Grandma Carter!

I love you!


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Dear Debbie,

Thank you for being such a great mom to Brek! You raised the guy of my dreams and I am so thankful for you every day! Me and Lucie are the luckiest girls in the world to have him and I know he is the man he is today because of you! Thank you also for accepting me into your family and becoming one of my greatest friends. Talking to you on the phone can ALWAYS brighten my day no matter how bad of a day it has been! Thank you also for being such a great Grandma to Lucie! She loves you and misses you every day! She will have so many fun memories with Grandma Debbie and I cannot wait to see all of them through your camera! You are one of the most kindest, happiest, and funniest ladies I have ever met and I feel so blessed to call you my mother in law!

I love you!

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{Mil I would have put the other one up but I promise you not one turned out!}

Mothers day was not the typical relaxing day that I always imagined it would be! ha We got asked to speak in church on Thursday, and Brek also had to teach the Elders Quorum lesson so he was super busy all weekend planning those! I didn't write my talk until saturday night at 11:00 and while I was writing it I was baking the dessert for dinner on Mothers day.

Sunday morning came and we were both hurrying as fast as we could to get ready, put final touches on our talks, and take care of 2 blow outs all before church! Brek was super sweet though and had a fun present for me that I opened during breakfast while Lucie was not to happy about having to be in her bumbo. I wanted to take pictures of me and Luc before church because she usually ruins her dress at church and I was being cheesy and even had us match a little for the pics and I didn't want the dress ruined and the pictures not to happen! So about 5 minutes before we left we snapped a few pics and then through the camera in the house and rushed to church! Lucie was an angel at church so that was a gift all on its own! She just snuggled right up to me and slept through almost the first two hours! Then the dreaded meeting came and we had to speak. I get so nervous to speak! My parents came and held Luc so we could both sit on the stand together. My talk lasted oh I don't know about 6 minutes (I was supposed to go 10) I sounded like a 12 year old and got all jumbled up but I at least made it! Brek did awesome on his talk though and made up for my bad time!

After church we came home, I picked up our disaster of a house because it was driving me nuts! I had made a mess writing my talk and baking the night before! Then Chelsea came over and we all google + Debbie for Mothers day! It was fun to see Ashlyn and Lexi and all be together via the wonderful internet!

Then we headed out to my cousins house for Mothers Day dinner. We hung out with the fam for a few hours. Forced my mom to take pictures to document Mothers day, and then came back home.

I sang my sweet baby primary songs for a long time that night and fell asleep holding her. I am so thankful to be a momma! Snuggling at bedtime is one of the best parts of my day!

Then we tried to watch Safe Haven and both fell asleep pretty much right after we started it. We woke up half way through it turned it off and went to bed!

It was a very happy very busy first mothers day! I am so thankful for my little family every single day!

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