Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lucie Tries Rice Cereal!

 photo Ready.jpg

 photo success.jpg

We decided to try rice cereal tonight to see if it would help Lucie sleep a little bit better.  She loved it! This girl loves to eat! She just couldn't figure out the spoon so after we recorded the try with the spoon she got a little mad, and so I poured the rest in a bottle and she downed it in like 5 seconds flat!

Then when she finished it and I took the bottle away the last picture is what happened! She was TICKED! ha she wanted to eat more!

We put this little girl in the bath, and ate a little bit more and we will pray our little hearts out that she will have a full tummy and have a good nights sleep!

We sure LOVE this little miss!

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9 Crazy Carters in the Coop said...

I am glad she liked your rice cereal but your video won't play or us it says it is private, oh well Lucie's face is too perfect!